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A little about me!

Hi, I'm Craig Moussa! I'm a web developer with a keen eye for design and fluid functionality whilst using best practices. I'm a seasoned professional with over 5 years experience and working for large corporate businesses.

All my websites are hand coded which results in clean, friendly SEO markup, usable functionality and the designs will always be unique to your specifications. My goal as the developer is to provide you with correct knowledge, advice and recommendations to achieve the best possible outcome for your online presence. I am not shy to cut it to you straight, and give you honest feedback about ideas that you have, because that is my job.

I design all my layouts in Photoshop to give a realistic artistic impression so you as the client can get a look and feel before its developed. Once we've agreed apon a design, I take that into the developing world! Here I use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to apply the design. Depending on the task at hand, I will use either a OpenSource CMS such as Drupal, WordPress or Silverstrip to develop the backend, or if you're looking for something custom or lightweight, I will roll out my own using PHP or Ruby.

When I'm not developing websites, I am tanking raid bosses with my World of Warcraft guild (Yes, I'm a WoW nerd!) or spending time with my lovely wife enjoying the simple things life has to offer!

Some of my protfolio work!

Getting in touch!

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